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ASSA Session 2025


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Recently, the SEF became a member of the ASSA, and, as of 2025, we have our own session at the annual meetings. The upcoming meeting will be in San Francisco, and we have already submitted our session to the conference organisation:

  • Sascha Füllbrunn – Welcome Address
  • Anna Bayona – Credit ratings and investments (Discussant: John Duffy)
  • Peter Bossaerts – How General Equilibrium in Markets with Indivisible Goods Obtains Thanks to Complexity (Alec Smith)
  • Olga Rud – ETF indexing strategies and asset prices: Experimental evidence (Steve Heinke)
  • Terrance Odean – Disposed to Be Overconfident (Peiran Jiao)

More information will follow in due time…

Questions? Contact the secretary Sascha Füllbrunn